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Pakistanis are angry that a 7 year old got raped in Kasur

Erim Hussan (Chicago)
So today Pakistanis are angry that a 7 year old got raped in Kasur- a city where only a couple of years ago a huge paedophile ring was discovered. A ring involving prominent political families. A ring that operated from 2006 to 2015 which the Punjab police turned a blind eye to. Hundreds of children were raped and abused in Punjab for years- yet the case was forgotten about a few weeks after and we never saw justice served. This is a norm in Pakistan when political families are involved. Politicians and their children are free to kill and plunder and are hence above the law. Now let’s talk about the law – to begin with there are no laws against rapists. According to the law a woman must produce 4 witnesses of good moral character that saw the act. (I question someones morality and character if they would standby watching a rape and do nothing to stop it). So In a country with no real laws against rape, a police force and politicians corrupt to their cores that live without a conscience, what are we expecting ? Justice for a 7 year old. Justice for Shahzeb Khan? justice for those hundreds of children that were sexually abused by politicians for years ? Justice for the unreported rapes of children of poor minorities ? Really ??? When was the last time Pakistanis actually saw justice dished out where it was deserved? Are all the Facebook status’s demanding for government attention actually going to make a difference? Pakistanis need to wake the fuck up!!! Your leaders and generals have been raping the country for decades while you all watch silently. Today the spirit of this 7 year old is showing us a mirror to reflect on ourselves and our illusion of morality ! We are the witnesses who have silently stood by watching our own country get raped. Our motherland- Pakistan. Thought 😭😭😭😭😭

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