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(Web Desk) – This week’s Twitter buffet is served.

From now on, we’ve got your entire week on the go at one place as far as entertainment, politics, sports, gossips and offbeat happenings are concerned.

Your buffet is to have every Saturday at 09:00pm, all the Twitter chirps of the entire week that you do not want to miss.

Here at the Twitter buffet corner, we have some core beliefs, rules and expectations:

Love everything there is about showbiz.
Celebs from whichever hall of fame, are super-humans who defy gravity for breakfast, imagine!
Have a go-crazy time here at the corner.
Only celebs are to be taken seriously.
No one can complain if the buffet has a tilt towards entertainment.
We “The Buffoons” will choose reel over real any day and by that we are referring to the very first point.
We unabashedly find our strength in the power of fame, beauty and money. But as cliché as it may sound, love is paramount (Bravo for the cover-up).
Team vlogs and merchandise are on the cards.
We at the corner are always looking forward to fresh celebrity interviews and episodes of talk shows to bring to you the freshest of anecdotes.
Twitter Buffet, in a sentence, is yet to be described for it flows with the current of the week.
We highly appreciate the story views and support.
Zaheer Khan doesn’t dig Yuvraj Singh’s fielding

So, Zaheer Khan has apparently begun to Twitter a lot after engagement to Sagarika Ghatge. This week we saw the former Indian bowler give a shout out to Yuvraj Singh over social media, only that it could have bruised Yuvi a bit.

Zaheer commented on Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka on June 12 in Champions Trophy 2017 stating: “ 62 needed of 90 with 3 wkts in hand , very interesting to see how it finishes from here … #CT17 #SLvPAK,” and Yuvraj quipped, ” Oh tu bade tweet kar reha aj kal ki gal ?” To which daredevil Khan replied: “I am tweeting like you @YUVSTRONG12 but why are you fielding like me ??? Hahaha.”

It definitely wasn t a burn and we are sure it was taken in the top fun spirit.

By the way, find out who Yuvi thinks is the biggest miser in Indian team. An interview that is nothing but a real chat that gives viewers an insight into the person s life.

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