KARACHI– Political unrest in Islamabad continues to hurt the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) as 100-index has lost 2481 points by the end of Wednesday’s session.

100-index ended on 43,792 points as almost twenty five hundred points were lost within a single day. It was estimated that investors lost Rs 460 billion as the political situation has become worse in the past couple of weeks after Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report.

It was observed that the number of those selling their market shares escalated with respect to buyers. Earlier today, it was reported that 100-index lost 350 points in the trading session, but the number spiked in no time till the end.

The prices of shares have dropped more than 17 percent since peak value, and the market capitalization erosion amounted to as much as Rs 1500 billion. According to business experts, the stock market will recover quickly right after the political unrest settles down. They warned about further loss if the political crisis resumes.