KAHUTA  – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said on Friday that he would have resigned out of shame if he was in Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s place and that the report of Panamagate Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has laid foundation of a  new Pakistan .

Khan addressed a rally in Kahuta where he was accompanied by secretary general of the political party Jahangir Tareen and recent addition to the party Firdous Aashiq Awan among others.

He said that ‘new Pakistan’ would be realised after thieves would be caught. Khan said that a leader who is a liar destroys the institutions and country’s system.

He said that PM Nawaz has not been held accountable for the past 30 years because he used to ‘buy’ the institutions. He had always ‘cut a deal’ with the thieves.

Khan said that the next Saturday would witness whether the country would become a ‘new Pakistan’ or  thieves’ Pakistan .

He claimed that Pakistan was plummeting more and more in debts whilst one group of people was becoming richer. Khan said that the impoverished are being made to shoulder burden of rising inflation.

PTI chief asserted that around Rs 1,000 billion are laundered out of Pakistan every year. He further accused the premier and his ministers of defending corrupt mafias.